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Beta yawa nai don gas for Aso Rock, after we sight awa First Lady, Aisha Buhari, for one video wey burst internet dey para give some unknown pipo in di presence of security guys, wey nor seem to fit do anything.

Aisha Buhari own up say na she dey di video, for one interview with BBC Hausa, for di video, she dey para, base on why dem go lock up one room like dat, she para make di occupant of di room, wey turn out to be Mamman Daura (Buhari nephew) family, pack dia tins and discharge from di apartment. Aisha for di BBC interview yarn say, Fatima Daura record di video for front of security guys, wey nor fit talk, base on who Fatima papa be, she say Fatima dey laff her for di video.

Fatima for her own separate interview with di same BBC, yarn say, di video na old video, she say actually BUhari give her papa di house (Glass House), but wen Buhari pikin get okada accident, Buhari ans her papa to move go anoda house, make im pikin wey get accident for stay di house, she say na di process of packing out from di house she record di video.

Fatima yarn say, Aisha burst di house dat day as dem dey pack, dey shout, insult everybody, she say she record di video, as evidence, base on se if she tell pipo di tin wey Aisha display, nobody go believe, she say Aisha display dah day surprise her.

Meanwhile, PUNCHng yarn say one source inside Aso Rock, yarn say dem dey investigate di video.


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