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High Court for Ikeja-Lasgidi, today don don arrange one American guy, Marco Ramirez, for Kirikiri Maximum Prisons, unto se he don dagbo 3 Nigerians of a total of $565,000 in di name of se he wan epp dem do American Visa.

Di guy wey dey pose as Managing Director of 3 companies, USA Now Plc, Eagleford Instalodge Group and USA Now Energy Capital Group, yarn di court say ‘fian’(na lie) he nor dey guilty of di 16 count charge of fraud, unto se he kollet osusu from some Nigerians wey let EFCC take am to court.

EFCC yarn di court say di Americana commit dis offense between February and August 2013, EFCC tell di court to send di Americana to jail, dem say he kollet $10,000 each from Olukayode Sodimu and Abubakar Umar for US Green card runs, den he kollet $545,000 from one Ambassador Godson Echejue say make di Ambassador take invest for his company and also arrange green card.

Di court Judge, last last order say make dem take di Americana to Kirikiri go dey chorp beans till July 3 wey he go reason di matter again.


Ogheneme! Dis story dey tortorry my belle, now di world wee know, se nor be only Nigerians dey run dagbolization package. Where is Donald Trump and di pesin from UK wey talk say, Naija is fantastically kwarapt? Make dem con hear.

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