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According to dis report wey kari, Beer, wey be di number tiri (three) most popular drink wey human being dey consume after water and tea, get some health benefits, dis benefits even though dem go surprise you, but dem dey interesting.

  1. Some research show se link dey between moderate alcohol drinking “and a 30% reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.”
  2. One of di tins wey dey inside beer, ‘Dietary silicon’, dey epp develop bone and konnet tissue. Di research say pipo wey dey drink beer with sense (moderate drinkers), dey “38% likely to have osteoporosis” dan pipo wey dey kari drink any how high.
  3. Base on di hops, barley and wheat wey dem take dey make beer, beer get nutients like calcium, potassium and magnesium. Beer also get ‘soluble fiber’, dah means two full cups of beer fit give you 10% di daily fiber wey you need.

Di oda two benefits of drinking beer na:

A 2016 study found a connection between moderate drinking and as lower decrease in good cholesterol

Some research has suggested that light to moderate drinking is associated with a reduced chance of cognitive decline. .Drinking beer has also been found to reduce stress and tension, as well as increase feelings of well-being.

Dis report nor mean se make you kari drink beer any how, dem still advise make we dey drink with sense, to avoid stories dah toush.


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